At Celerity Networks we take a lot of pride in the sites we build to provide the most reliable rural broadband Internet Service.  We understand that our service is only as reliable as the network that carries the traffic to and from the Internet......and we have mastered the art of building reliable robust Internet sites that deliver high speed broadband service.  Below are some pictures of some of our sites and equipment.
Crooked Oaks Solar
Crooked Oaks Antennas
Sturgis, SD Electronics
Nisland Water Tank Antennas
Elkhorn Peak
Our Elkhorn Peak Site services residents and business east of Spearfish, SD, Elkhorn Peak is about 700' above the surrounding terrain and is 100% Solar
Elkhorn Peak - Electronics
All of our electronics cabinets are designed and built from the ground up by Celerity Networks. The design of these cabinets is one of the keys to our network reliability.
Elk Creek Tower - Piedmont
Our Elk Creek tower located in Piedmont, SD is connected to Fiber and enables us to deliver reliable 8, 16 and 25Mbps Speed Plans to Piedmont, SD and Rapid City, SD Residents.
SDPB Tower - Spearfish, SD
Our SDPB tower in Spearfish, SD delivers both our Agility and Evolution Internet Plans.
Thompson Pole - Whitewood, SD
Our Thompson Pole in Whitewood, SD delivers our Agility 8, 16 and 25Mbps speed plans to rural areas around Whitewood, SD
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